MTV3 Leffa (first era)


MTV3 Leffa 2010

MTV3 Leffa was launched in November 2006 with MTV3's pay channel package, which also included MTV3 Max, MTV3 Fakta and Subtv Juniori. It was essentially a Finnish version of the Swedish film channel TV4 Film.

Subtv Leffa


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In April 2007, MTV3 Leffa launched in the terrestrial network and changed its name to Subtv Leffa.[1]webcite

Sub Leffa


Sub Leffa

In January 2008, Subtv changed its name to Sub so Subtv Leffa changed its name to Sub Leffa

MTV3 Leffa (second era)


MTV3 Leffa 2010

On December 15, 2010, the channel switched back to the MTV3 prefix and became MTV3 Leffa.[2] webcite


MTV Leffa


MTV Leffa

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