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1957–1975 1975–1983 1983–1992 1986–1990 1988–1989 1990–1992 1993–1994
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MTV Oy (abbr. of Osakeyhtiö, ‘Ltd.’) is the largest commercial TV broadcaster in Finland. It is a subsidiary of Bonnier Broadcasting, which is owned by Swedish telecommunications company Telia Company.

Mainos-TV (meaning Commercial TV) was established in 1957, it provided a programming block for Yleisradio's tv channels which would air original programs featuring commercial breaks. MTV Oy was allocated its own channel in 1986.

Its main competitors are Nelonen Media and Discovery Networks Finland, along with Yle, the public broadcaster of Finland.

Oy Mainos–TV–Reklam Ab


MTV logo 1957–1975.png
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Mainos-TV, or MTV started broadcasting in 1957, one year before Suomen Televisio got past test transmission.


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A slightly modified logo was introduced in 1966.

MTV Oy (first era)


MTV Oy (1975).svg

MTV started colour broadcasts in February 1975 and introduced a new blue owl symbol with large eyes.


MTV Logo (1983-1992).svg

The blue owl was slightly modified in 1983, and the wordmark was changed.


MTV Kanava Logo (1986-1990 (idents only)).png
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A different logo was used for some idents in 1986–1990 that read MTV Kanava (MTV Channel).


MTV Kanava Logo (1988-1989).png
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MTV3 logo 1990.png
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MTV3 1996-2001.svg

In 1995, the company logo as well as channel logo was modified even further, this time being designed by Pekka Hamberg of Brand Seller DDB. Since 1996 up to 2001, it became the primary logo for the main commercial television station.


MTV3 logo 2001.svg


MTV3 logo 2006.svg

MTV Media


MTV Media.png
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Following the acquisition of the company by Bonnier and Proventus in 2005, MTV Media became the concept used to internalize all regular, premium channels and radio channels into one entity.[1] The company received its own logo in 2006 and the previous 2005–2013 channel logo for MTV3 became the secondary logo for the company.

MTV Oy (second era)


MTV Finland.svg
Designer:  DixonBaxi
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

MTV Media underwent a major corporate rebranding in 2013 and renamed itself to MTV Oy. The rebrand was commissioned by London-based creative agency DixonBaxi. The rebrand was announced in May 2013; the new corporate logo was unveiled in August, and the channel logos in October.

The rebrand was implemented on 3 November 2013 at 7pm on all of MTV’s TV channels, which introduced new logos and graphics packages. The new corporate font is FS Emeric, which is used by all channels and properties.

Initially, in 2013, the flagship channel MTV3 dropped the historic owl symbol and introduced a new circular logo. However, in October 2016, the owl symbol was brought back in principle, as part of the channel’s Koko ilta kotimaista (Homeland All Evening) campaign where locally-produced shows were shown in the evenings. The logo animation now includes the owl symbol that segues into the MTV(3) logo.

In August 2019, MTV3 removed the circle altogether, though it remains for the corporate logo. MTV Uutiset, the broadcaster’s news division, had already removed the circle during a minor rebrand in December 2018.