1992–2000 (EEC/Studio 23) / 2001–2006 (NBC-41) / 1992–2017 (Viacom)

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UHF channel 41 was being planned for use by NBC for its own acquired programming under the multimedia convergence program of the station's current owners. But sometime in 2000, MTV Asia wanted to go 24 hours on terrestrial television which it didn't get when they were still buying airtime through Studio 23.

After six years of partnership in the Philippines, MTV Philippines was placed off-the-air after a multi-year deal with All Youth Channels, Inc. following the dissolution of partnership with NBC.

MTV Philippines was relaunched on March 1, 2007, as a cable and satellite TV channel while UHF channel 41 was inactive for three years, even MTV Philippines was ceased to exist in February 2010.

This follows the dissolution of the partnership with NBC. MTV Philippines became a defunct channel in February 2010. It was inactive until October 2010 when it began test broadcasting as TV5 took over the management of NBC stations. It then took over the blocktime agreements of UHF Channel 41, which alternates programming. On February 21, 2011, AksyonTV launched as TV5 introduced the new UHF channel. AksyonTV.

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