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MTV Uutiset (MTV News) is the news program and service of Finnish commercial TV broadcaster MTV Oy. It is aired every night on MTV’s flagship channel MTV3 twice; at 19:00 (Seitsemän uutiset) and at 22:00 (Kymmenen uutiset).


1981–1988 1988–1992 1993–1997 1997–2001
1981–1988 1988–1992 1993–1997 1997–2001
2001–2005 2005–2013 2013–2018 2018–present
2001–2005 2005–2013 2013–2018 2018–present

MTV Uutiset (first era)


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The first Kymmenen uutiset newscast aired on 1 September 1981. The first logo for MTV's news division consists of simple, light blue logo with 12 dots, two hands and the black text logo below. This logo is seen later as part of news graphics between 1988 and 1990 despite its new silver incarnation of the clock logo seen in the intro.


MTV3 Uutiset 1989.png

MTV3 Uutiset


MTV3 Uutiset 1993.png
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MTV3 Uutiset 1997.png
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Following the debut of a new channel look developed by Novocom on September 6, 2001, the design agency also created new graphic assets for the commercial TV station's news division. The channel's logo - featuring an owl's eye design created by Jeffrey Dunaj - was implemented on newscast intros.


MTV3 Uutiset.png
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MTV Uutiset (second era)



MTV Uutiset.svg

This logo for MTV Uutiset was introduced during the major networkwide rebrand of MTV in November 2013. A new on-air look for MTV Uutiset was introduced along with the rest of the network.


MTV Uutiset 2018.svg

MTV Uutiset underwent a minor rebranding in 2018 with the graphics being slightly changed. The new idents are similar to those used by the Israeli TV channel Eser from 2017 until its closure in 2019. The circle around the word ‘MTV’ was removed for MTV Uutiset, but remains otherwise.

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