1990, 1994 2005 (unused) 2005 (unused) 2006-2012 2012-present
1990, 1994 2005 (unused) 2005 (unused) 2006-2012 2012-present


1990, 1994

Taipei entertainment-pack.png

An older version of this game known as Taipei was released in The Microsoft Entertainment Pack 1 in 1990, and The Best Of Microsoft Entertainment Pack in 1994.

Shanghai Solitaire

Taipei would be re-introduced like a Windows Game in Windows Vista and 7.

2005 (unused)

Mahjong Titans unused.png
Logopedia InfoWhite.svg BETTER LOGO NEEDED

This icon was seen from Windows Vista Beta Build 5219 up to Build 5231. It was known as Shanghai or Shanghai Solitaire.

2005 (unused)

Mahjong vista-5284.png

Used since Windows Vista Beta Build 5259.

Mahjong Titans

2005 (unused)

Mahjong vista-5284.png

With the release of Windows Vista Beta Build 5270, Shanghai Solitaire was renamed to Mahjong Titans.


Mahjong Titans Vista Icon.png

The game would get its final icon with the removal of Game Tiles in Windows Vista Beta Build 5456.

Used in Windows Vista and 7.

The game would be removed with the release of Windows 8.

Microsoft Mahjong

A Microsoft Store version of this game would be launched in 2012 for Windows 8.