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[[Image:Mais Globosat logo 2016.svg|200px|center]]
[[Image:Mais Globosat logo 2016.svg|200px|center]]
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{{Grupo Globo}}

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Globosat-hd Logo gshd Mais Globosat logo 2016
2007-2012 2012-2016 2016-present

Globosat HDEdit



Globosat HD was launched as a high-definition showcase channel for the Globosat networks, which didn't have HD simulcasts at the time. As such channels launched their HD feeds, Globosat HD added exclusive programming, such as European and Australian series, documentaries, as well as original programming.



Logo gshd

In 2012, with the launch of its standard-definition feed, Globosat HD was renamed +Globosat ("Mais Globosat").


Mais Globosat logo 2016
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