2002 (beta) 2003–2009 2009–2013 2013–2024 2024 (tentative)
2002 (beta) 2003–2009 2009–2013 2013–2024 2024 (tentative)

2002 (beta)[]

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga (pre-release) (2002)


Mario & Luigi Series Logo2

When the series debuted in 2003, the main logo was designed with the similar style of the former Super Mario logo, used until late 2011. This logo was used in Superstar Saga and in Partners in Time.



Mario & Luigi Series Logo

In September 2009, the logo was redesigned to look more rounded and gleaming, and the blue frame was replaced with a black and thick outline. This logo was used only in Bowser's Inside Story.


Mario & Luigi Series Logo3

In July 2013, the logo was barely changed: the & sign and the letters U and G were modified, the I's are now upside down, and the colors are brighter. This logo was used from Dream Team to Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey.

2024 (tentative)[]

Mario & Luigi Series Logo4

In June 2024, the logo was overhauled: the Mario and Luigi texts were recolored to coral red and mint green with magenta and turquoise tints, respectively, and the hole in the A was made larger. Additionally, the outlining is thicker and more uniform, and the text popout extends out more, with the shading at the bottom of each text now color-matching the text above. This logo will be used starting with Mario & Luigi: Brothership.