Markíza Krimi is a crime-themed TV channel in Slovakia launched by Central European Media Enterprises on 6 June 2022. It is the first new channel launched by CME in Slovakia since Markíza International in 2016, compared to several channel launches and rebrandings in the Czech Republic and Romania in recent years.


Markíza Krimi.svg
Designer:  In-house design
Typography:  Courier LT round Bold (modified)
Launched:  6 June 2022

On 2 May 2022, the Markíza channels announced their first rebranding in several years, which will go on-air in summer 2022. The main Markíza channel will incorporate the Organica font in its logo, which is the custom typeface of its Czech counterpart TV Nova. Meanwhile, Doma and Dajto will be renamed to Markíza Doma and Markíza Dajto, respectively. These are the first rebrandings of any of CME’s Slovak channels since 2016.