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2000-2002 2002-2008 2012-2020 (Secondary) 2018–present
2000-2002 2002-2008 2012-2020 (Secondary) 2018–present

Marvel Studio


Marvel Studios 1998 logo.png


Marvel Comics (2000).svg

Following the new logo introduced in 2002, Marvel Studios also change the logo. However, due to the company start focusing on licensing films to third-party studios like 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures and New Line Cinema, the text "Studios" has been removed.

Marvel Entertainment (Film Licensing)

2008–2020 (Primary, no change)

In 2009, after Disney's acquisition, Marvel Studios fully seprate into current film production and licensing division. However, the logo has no change at this time.

2012-2018 (Secondary)

Marvel Comics (2012).svg

The logo only used on promote material like poster, the on-screen logo still use the 2000 logo.


In Association With Marvel II.svg

In 2018, after the releasing of Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Marvel Entertainment choose to to seprate the relationship between Marvel Studios, which introduced the current "In Association with Marvel" logo. This logo debut in Venom (2018).

Marvel Studios (Film Licensing)
Marvel Entertainment (Film Licensing)

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