For the websites of the same name formerly known as Marvel Kids, see Marvel HQ.


2004–2009 (Toon Disney) 2004–2009 (Jetix) 2009–2016 2016-2019 2019–present 2021 (tentative)
2004–2009 (Toon Disney) 2004–2009 (Jetix) 2009–2016 2016-2019 2019–present 2021 (tentative)

Marvel HQ is a kids’ TV channel in India owned by The Walt Disney Company India via its subsidiary Star TV. It was originally launched in 2004 as Toon Disney/Jetix, then renamed to Disney XD in 2009 and again to Marvel HQ in 2019. It will be renamed once again to Super Hungama in December 2021.

Toon Disney/Jetix


Toon Disney/Jetix was launched in India on 17 December 2004,[1] the same day as Disney Channel, with Toon Disney broadcasting in the morning hours and Jetix in the evening hours.

Disney XD


DisneyXD 2009.svg

On 14 November 2009, Toon Disney/Jetix was rebranded to Disney XD.[2]


Logo disney xd.svg

On 1 March 2016, Disney XD India rebranded a new logo. [3]

Marvel HQ


Marvel HQ logo.svg

On 10 January 2019, it was announced that Disney XD in India would rebrand to Marvel HQ,[4] with the launch date being 20 January.[5] This is the first TV channel worldwide to carry the Marvel HQ name, as Marvel HQ began as a website in 2017 (replacing Marvel Kids).

Super Hungama

2021 (tentative)

Super Hungama.png

Marvel HQ will be renamed to Super Hungama on 1 December 2021. On the same day, HD versions of Hungama and Disney Channel will be launched, while BabyTV HD will be withdrawn from India.[6]