Late 1800s–1980

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The forerunner to Marvel Toys toy was Chantex, a Canadian company founded by the Zuckerman family in the late 1800's

Charan Industries (Charan Toy)



In 1980, Sol Zuckerman, the grandson of the companies founder, agreed on a merger with Earl Takefman's Randim Marketing, Inc. The company was then renamed to Charan Industries. In 1984, the Charan Toy subsidiary was launched with a new logo.

Toy Biz


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In 1988, Charan Industries renamed the Charan Toy line to ToyBiz and sold off the subsidiary as Zuckerman did not see the value of it. It was purchased in 1990 by Isaac Perlmutter. In 1993 the company acquired the right to manufacture toys based on Marvel characters, which proved very successful.

Marvel Toys


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In 2007, the Marvel license was acquired by Hasbro from ToyBiz, which was renamed Marvel Toys. Although they had lost the license, the company continued to produce non-Marvel toys until 2008 when the company sold of it's remaining licenses and the website went offline, marking the end of Marvel Toys.