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Matahari old Matahari old Matahari 2004 Matahari logo Matahari Dept Store
1969–2004 2000–2004 2004–2011 2005–2011 2008–present

Matahari Department Store is one of the oldest modern department store chains in Indonesia. It was founded in 1958 by Hari Darmawan (1940–2018). Today, the chain is owned by Lippo Group.



Matahari old

The first Matahari Department Store logo was a green and red curves with 'Matahari' wordmark in a black bold Helvetica.

The symbol later would be retained until 2011, but the previous incarnation still can be seen in Taman Wisata Matahari, Bogor, Indonesia (until 2019 when it was rebranded to TWM Park).


Matahari old

In 2000, the blue container was added to the logo and the wordmark had being loosened up.


Matahari 2004

In 2004, the background becomes lighter and the background shape also changed a bit, as well as the addition of the red curved line.


Matahari logo

One year later, a variant without a blue container was revealed in the following advertisements. However, the initial logo was still used on store signs until 2011.


Matahari Dept Store

This logo launched in 2008 when Matahari replaced most locations of now-defunct Parisian midscale department stores. It was the major revamp of the Matahari logo since 2000, in which the wordmark was succeeded by the current font and the icon was altered and recolored to red.

Later, the logo began to spread nationwide, particularly in newly-opened stores, but it was used simultaneously with the older ones on its advertisements until 2011 when it officially became the logo of Matahari.

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