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1945–1957 1955–1969 1969–present 2019–present
1945–1957 1955–1969 1969–present 2019–present

1945–1957 (as Mattel Creations)

Mattel Creations 1945.jpg


Mattel (Original).svg

The second logo is Matty Mattel, the mascot of the company at that time sitting on the letter M, with the words Mattel, Inc. Toymakers, around it.




In 1969. The famous red sun shape was introduced, with the word Mattel in white text, despite updating the logo in 2019, this logo is still used on other media such as Mattel Creations, Mattel Television, Mattel Jurassic World, Mattel Brands, Mattel Playground Productions, as well on some companies, stores, stations, and other stuff. This logo is used in tandem with the next logo below it.


Mattel 2019.svg

In 2019, the logo was updated and the font has changed and has less triangles and the copyright symbol was changed to TM. However, the previous logo is still used in tandem alongside this logo.

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