This article is about a Malaysian telecommunications company. For the video game development company owned by Electronic Arts, see Maxis.

Maxis Communications Berhad is a telecommunications company in Malaysia, owned by the billionaire Ananda Krishnan. It is one of the oldest and largest telecom companies in the country, along with the Malaysian multinational Axiata Group (operating in Malaysia as Celcom) and Digi, owned by Telenor of Norway. The ‘big three’ also compete with U Mobile, which has recently emerged as a fourth major telecom operator.



Maxis Communications Logo


Maxis Communications 2014

Maxis introduced a new brand identity in 2014 that maintains essentially the same logo, but with the squiggle on the letter i in a brighter shade of green. The squiggle and bright green colour are used throughout the new corporate identity, along with the Aaux Next font.

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