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McAfee 1987 McAfee 2002 McAfee 2005 McAfee (2009) McAfee (2016)
1987–2002 2002–2005 2005–2009 2009–2016 2016–present


McAfee 1987


McAfee 2002

McAfee started carrying "Security" attached to its name in 2002.


McAfee 2005


McAfee (2009)

In late 2009, the "M" from the previous logo was put into a shield design, and the wordmark was altered. The shield from this logo still remains in use on its SiteAdvisor site (until it followed up with McAfee's latest logo since late 2016) despite a major redesign of the company's logo in late 2016.


McAfee (2016)

On November 1, 2016, McAfee refreshed their logo for the first time in 7 years since its Intel takeover. The new logo merges the shield and the "M" monogram and adopts a new typeface and shade of red.

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