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1967–1969 1969–1984 1984–2003 2003–2006 2006–present 2019–present


McDonald's 1960 Logo (No Circle)

This logo was first introduced to Canadians when McDonald's opened its first Canadian branch in Richmond, British Columbia on June 3rd, 1967. This restaurant was the first McDonald's location outside of the United States.


McDonald's old logo


McDonald's Canada 1

In 1984, the logo was given a red background and the text became white. A maple leaf was also added into the logo as it is the most widely recognized national symbol of Canada, also being used in the country's flag.


McDonald's Canada 3


McDonald's Forever Young Canada

As part of the first restaurant redesign in decades, called Forever Young, the logo was redesigned, but the lettering and the red background are now used separately from the Golden Arches.


McDonald's The Token Of Canada

In 2019, McDonald's Canada introduced the Token logo, albeit with a maple leaf inside the M.

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