Ronald's Playplace


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McDonald's PlayPlace was formerly called Ronald's Playplace. This logo can still be used in some McDonald's PlayPlace's at some older locations.

McDonald's PlayPlace


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In 1995, it was renamed McDonald's PlayPlace. This logo can still be used in some McDonald's PlayPlaces at some locations, while it would be merged along with the 1996 and 1998 logos until 2008. This logo had a playful design.

1996–2006 (Secondary); 2007–present (Primary); 2008–present (Canada)

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In Early 1996, the logo was now just the wordmark. The text Play is red and the text Place is yellow. This logo was used secondary from 1996 until the end of 2006. This logo was later used primary since 2007, but only used for renovated McDonald's locations only. This logo was used in Canada since 2008 after the 1995 logo. This logo is still used at some renovated McDonald's locations, while most of the McDonald's PlayPlace's use the next logo from now.


PlayPlace Logo 2.svg

This logo was mostly neon in older McDonald's locations, while most newer locations uses the 1996 logo that is not neon. This is a logo only for signs, but the logo is more common and popular than the previous one. This logo is still used on older and newer McDonald's locations today.