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Meda: Media Home Entertainment, Inc.[]


Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  ITC Tiffany Heavy (MEDA/MEDIA)
Unknown (Media Home Entertainment, Inc.)
Launched:  1978

In 1978, filmmaker Charles Band established Media Home Entertainment. The word "MEDA" was also the name of Band's then-wife. It also stood for the company's full name at inception, Media-Home Entertainment and Distribution Assocation.

Media Home Entertainment, Inc.[]


Media Home Entertainment

In 1981, MEDA was dropped and was simply renamed to Media Home Entertainment. Three years later in 1984, the company was purchased by Heron Communications (a subsidary of Gerald Ronson's Heron International).

In 1991, Media Home Entertainment titles were distributed by Fox Video and CBS/Fox Video. In 1993, most of the Media Home Entertainment assets were absorbed into Fox Video (later 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, now 20th Century Studios Home Entertainment being released under Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment using Buena Vista Home Entertainment), while its home video rights library was sold to Video Treasures (now Anchor Bay Entertainment).

Media Home Entertainment
Fox Video
Video Treasures