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Mega Plus is the secondary channel of Mega. It was launched in January 1st, 2019, along with the rebranding of Bethia Comunicaciones S.A. to Mega Media.

2018 (pre-launch)

Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Gilroy

This logo was presented to INAPI (the Chilean Institute of Intelectual Property) on October 2018. The social media pages of the channel used the logo of the main channel as a placeholder until it was oficially announced.

Designer:  Eloisa
DYU (Mega logo)
Typography:  None

Oficially announced in October 2018 [1] and with its logo presented shortly after[2], the logo of the channel consists of the Mega logo from 2015 with a plus sign in a speech bubble.


Designer:  Eloisa
DYU (Mega logo)
Typography:  None

Launched at midnight of January 1, 2019, Mega Plus made the black variant of the logo as its official one. Using the original logo of Mega designed by chilean agency DYU, the logo and graphics of the new channel were made by Eloisa in Uruguay.


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