1979–1987 (USA and International), 2003–present (East Asia)

Mello Yello 70s


Mello yello 87

In 1987, the Mello Yello logo was updated for the first time with all uppercase lettering (with the logo in comparison with the 90s' Mountain Dew logo). This was the shortest-lived logo for the brand, only lasting for one year.


Mello yello 89
Mello Yello 90s


Mello yello 96

In 1994, the logo was given a wild font, and labels used gridlines.


Mello Yello logo

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In 1999, the logo was updated with a circular yellow backdrop. This was the only Mello Yello logo to last for more than a decade, and was used longer than any other logo in history. It still exists on some mechanical Coke fountains and vending machines.


Mello Yello 2010

In April 2010, the Mello Yello logo was changed with a surprise rebrand which hearkened back to its 1970s roots. The "L's" were changed into long lines parallel to each other, stretching off to the edges of the packaging. Although it is replaced by the new logo, it is still used in some vending machines. The logo was still present on 20 oz bottles of Cherry and Peach Mello Yello until mid-2017 before being updated to feature the present logo.


Mello yello logo before after copy

On December 21, 2015, the logo had changed to something substantially more modern than its earlier iterations. This change came with a new can design and the 'MY' monogram.

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