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19??–1955 1955–1958 1958–1960 1960–1968 1968–1988; 1968–1998 (corporate) 1988–1998 1998–1999


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Mesbla antigo retangulo



Mesbla 1955


Mesbla 1958


Mesbla 1960

1968–1988; 1968–1998 (corporate)

Mesbla logo 68

1986–1988 [as Magazine Mesbla]




A radical change was made to a traditional serif wordmark between two stripes. Its presence was shared with the former 1968 logo, which was preserved on several storefronts, until the company closure.


Mesbla 1998

As the owner change in 1997, after the 1968 logo returning briefly for the Christmas campaign; a new logo was introduced, inspired by the former one but with changes at the italic angle of the wordmark and the shapes of the letters B, L, and A, resembling the logo of another department store chain, Mappin, also acquired by the same owner. It wasn't applied on store fronts, because of its bankruptcy, alongside Mappin, in 1999.

Mesbla 1998 b

Alternate logo

2010 (online revival attempt)

Mesbla 2010 pre launch

Pre-launch logo

In 2010, it was intended to relaunch the Mesbla brand as a women-oriented e-commerce company, but it wasn't released for not being authorized by justice.

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