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  • Hello, here are the MO's (or modi operandi) for each of the Logopedia users that have been blocked:

    Nate Spidgewood: Notorious for his sockpuppetry and intimidating behavior in which he launches verbal assaults on people who he claims dares to revert his edits.

    DreamFan: Has a tendency on creating India-related articles that are either irrelevant or not notable. When he was blocked, he creates sockpuppet accounts in his attempt to evade Fandom's block.

    Tristan.magallano: Inserts false information like hoax Japanese versions of ABS-CBN, and other Philippine media-related articles. He also creates sockpuppet accounts to evade Fandom's block.

    Brockh2020: Lies about BBC's rebranding.

    "Diego Ledezma" / "Cleopatry Colmenares": Inserts false information on Venezuela-related articles and other high-profile pages.

    Nikon1803: Although he creates great high-quality SVG logos, he sometimes gets involved with telling vandals/sockpuppets to go away, some with swearing too. After he was blocked, he created only one sockpuppet account and threatened to sue an admin if they do not unblock him.

    Augi2000: Plagiarizes articles via copy-paste and is also notorious for sockpuppetry. Also creates SVG logos.

    Caidin Johnson: Notorious for vandalizing children's television shows and is obsessed with popping and inflating balloons.

    Jordanene: Often fails to follow Logopedia's editing guidelines and also vandalizes certain articles with false information.

    "Jayden": Messes with categories, also vandalizes certain articles. Is also notorious for sockpuppetry.

    "Andy": Same as "Jayden", but a different user.

    Bertrand101: Known for adding hoaxes and made-up or sometimes bizarre content on several Philippine food, media, and retail-related articles.

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    • Great list.

      Right now, I will try to look at logs if anyone made another sockpuppet account and keeps doing the same thing like vandalism.

      If I find them, I can file a report on them so Admins can take care of it.

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  • Hello, I came across a sockpuppet of Brianmagallano's / Tristan.magallano's on the Recent Wiki Activity page. His MO is that he inserts false information like hoax Japanese versions of ABS-CBN and other Philippine media-related articles. He even adds fake upcoming years too. At the time of this message, I've filed a report.

    Gallery6 RVandres
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  • Just so you know, that comment you just made was extremely unnecessary. With all due respect, it is not your place to get involved when admins warn other users about their actions. Please remember this for the future, thank you.

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  • Hello, I think that DreamFan needs to stop with the attitude and the sockpuppetry and frankly he has no life. At the time, I've filed a report.

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    • I got a hold of WXDS, and he might try to get in touch with SOAP.

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    • This has clearly spiralled into an explosive issue on Logopedia|Fandom. As a fellow Indian, and one who always tries to abide by the rules and contribute positively, I share my two rupees here.

      My usage of the word ‘kid’ is NOT to be interpreted in a positive sense, but rather to drive home the point that he is severely immature.

      I regret to say that I have seen the destructive actions of this kid/guy on DreamDTH, an Indian television and technology forum (hence the name DreamFan). This kid never abided by the rules of that forum, and went as far as saying that a cousin had been selected for a singing reality show (details here), which is bullshit (pardon my French). He even concocted some high school Board exam marks on that forum. After being tolerated for a while, DreamDTH finally banned DreamFan in around July 2020, since by that time he spent much more time on Logopedia than DreamDTH.

      In mid-December 2019 DreamFan approached me personally (since I am an active member on that forum) and asked me for some advice on how to get started on Logopedia. Clearly this kid wanted to do nothing but spend all the time on this site creating hundreds of thousands of pages. At first I thought this was a good thing since India is on the whole a greatly under-represented country on this site, compared to other developing countries like Indonesia and Brazil, which have thousands of articles and dedicated maintainers. But there is such a thing as quality over quantity, and creating a page for every tiny little Indian TV channel or local organisation is only going to do way more harm than good.

      The category of Indian TV channels, for instance, which I practically single-handedly maintained and ensured that only the more important channels had a page at all, quickly snowballed to more than a thousand pages, overtaking France, the previous leader by page count. There is such a thing as way too much.

      The account’s ban in May 2020 did not do anything to stop this unscrupulous juvenile to keep creating a negative and lasting impression through one sockpuppet after the other. Things have come to a head. The less I hear about this account and person, the better. I hope that this menace is put to an end all over not only Fandom but the Internet at large. Special thanks to @RVandres for notifying me of this issue, since I am perhaps the only other Indian with a track record on Logopedia as noteworthy as DreamFan’s. He ought to get a life, and he has already severely jeopardised his chances of that, considering all the misdemeanours done on the Internet.

      Pages, once created, ought not to be deleted, but he has created so many of them which have little to no significance that, were I to be an admin, I might have considered wiping them off the face of Logopedia. They are that obnoxious.

      Thank you for taking action before this already infamous case gets any worse.


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  • Wooh... After 1 month and 10 days of editing the pages, I managed to reach a milestone. However, I'm not ready to be an admin on Logopedia yet because of my English language. I know that my English is bad, but I will try to improve it better as if I want to. :)

    Now, the next milestone will be 2,000 edits. I don't know when, but I will try my best of cleaning Logopedia since I was here in July. And as far as I noticed, I probably made some mistakes about editing the pages because of some reason. So I apologize for doing that, I will try to edit the pages better soon.

    That's all I have to say now. Regards, Bartosz

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  • Adding months for dates is only meant for logos that were in use from a month to another month in the same year, not logos that were in use for more than one year. Please do not edit the recent section of AOL again.

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  • Hello, I'd like to inform you that ImageTOC should have THREE or more logos, not two or more.

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    • I know. Sorry about that. I didn't know that there should be 3 logos for ImageTOC, I will fix some articles. Thanks for reminding me.

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  • Just a quick reminder on adding categories when creating a new page. Also, 'Present' should be written in all lowercase (including the 'p'). Thanks :)

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  • Welcome

    Hi, I'm an admin for the Logopedia community, and this is an automated message to say welcome and thank you for your edit to CBS Action (Poland)!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Enjoy your time at Logopedia!

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