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  • Hello Izzyfan.  I apologize that I have to contact you about this subject again, but we at Logopedia are concerned about your inactivity.  I contacted you about seven months ago regarding this subject, but we have not seen much activity since you said you would try to be more active, as you only edited some NFL-related pages at the end of January.  I understand you started university last year, and I apologize if I may be sounding rude, but we cannot have inactive administrators anymore.  I have changed the rule from being inactive for one year to six months.  If I do not hear from you about this in the next few days, I'm afraid we're going to have to remove your administrator and bureaucrat rights.

    When we remove your rights, that does not mean you are blocked or you cannot get your rights back.  If you start editing more after you lose your rights, you can go to Logopedia:Requests for adminship and request to be an administrator again.  However, if you want to remain an administrator and a bureaucrat on Logopedia, we really need you to edit more.  Thank you for understanding.

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    • Hello, apologies for being inactive. I can become more active again as requested in order to retain administrative status. I will work harder to benefit this wiki and prevent being inactive.

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    • I apologize, but unfortunately, it’s been a week since I messaged you and I did have your rights removed. Again, please do not be offended, we just want more active users to be administrators. If we see you more active again and you put in a request to be an admin, we will definitely consider repromoting you.

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