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1966–1974 1974–1979 1980–1996 1997–2012 2013–2017 2018–present





Starting with the last regular-season game of the 1973 season and continuing through Super Bowl VIII; some of the Dolphin players began using this logo on their helmets instead of the previous logo. This logo was adopted officially as the main logo beginning with the 1974 NFL season.



Other than a few tweaks to the "M" on the helmet and the dolphin appearing more green in color, the logo went through little change.


Miami Dolphins logo.svg

The Dolphins introduced the logo in early 1997 and they also announced new uniforms later that year. The logo has a dolphin with a game face on it and the color scheme now includes navy.


Miami Dolphins.svg

This logo was officially confirmed on March 27, 2013, after it was leaked online. This logo has been officially adopted on April 25, 2013.


7306 miami dolphins-primary-2018.png

Logopedia Info.svg

An aqua and marine-blue dolphin swimming in front of a coral sunburst; shade of coral (orange) was adjusted following the 2017 season, almost matching the orange shade from the 1997 logo. This adjustment was done in correlation to the team tweaking their uniforms, with the noticeable difference being the removal of dark blue from everything but the logo.

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