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2015 2015–2021 (Edge Legacy) 2019–present (Edge Chromium)
2015 2015–2021 (Edge Legacy) 2019–present (Edge Chromium)

Project Spartan


MicrosoftSpartan 2015.svg

Spartan was the beta codename for a new web browser developed by Microsoft that was included with Windows 10. The logo was a simple blank globe in orthographic projection.

Microsoft Edge

2015–2021 (Edge Legacy)

Microsoft Edge.svg

On April 29, 2015, at Microsoft's Build Conference, the company revealed that Spartan would be officially named Microsoft Edge, with a logo reminiscent of Internet Explorer. This logo was also used in some early Canary and Dev releases of Microsoft Edge Chromium from April 2019 till November 2019.

2019–present (Edge Chromium)

Microsoft Edge (2019).svg

In advance of the browser becoming Chromium-based, Microsoft unveiled a new 'e' monogram on November 2, 2019. The new logo broke away from the Internet Explorer likeness of before. The logo was unveiled as part of an Easter Egg hunt and surfing minigame found in the then-most recent Canary version of the browser.

Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge