Windows 3.0/Compatible Product

Windows 3.0 Compatible

This was the logo for PCs running Windows 3.0. It saild "Compatible Product" that wasn't used in newer labels (like Windows 95 and Vista).

Windows 3.1/ Windows Compatible (First Era)

Microsoft Windows Compatible

On computers running Windows 3.1, the text "Compatible Product" was removed and renamed to just "Compatible".

Windows 95/Designed (1995-2001)

Win95 design

This was the first time that the label got a little change. It had the Moderen font with the text and added a line between Microsoft and Windows 95. Also, the "Compatible' text got move to the top and remaned to "Designed for".

Windows NT/Designed

Designed for Windows NT logo
NOTE: Also has a blue-on-black alternate variant used on certain vintage PCs. This one had darker colors as well.

Windows 98/Designed

Designed for Microsoft Windows 98

A new change to the font. Used on computers running Windows 98.

Windows 2000/Certified (First Era)

Microsoft windows 2000

Windows Me/Designed

Toshiba satellite 2508

Logopedia Info A better version of this logo is needed, due to the picture quality, inaccuracies or other issues with the uploaded logo. You can help Logopedia by uploading it here. The reason is listed here: Also contains an Intel Celeron logo

Windows XP/Designed


This was a huge design change. The line and "Designed for" text was moved, and the font became Franklin Gothic.

Windows Mobile/Designed


Windows Vista/Designed


Basic Edition version


Used on computers that run Wndows Vista Home Basic.

"Works with" version


Windows Vista/Certified (Second Era)


Windows 7/Windows Compatible

Windows 8/Windows Compatible (Third Era)

Windows Server 2012/Certified (Third Era)

EN WS12 Cert Blu286 2 rgb

Windows 10/Windows Compatible (Fourth Era)


Used on some computers only.

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