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Midway Manufacturing (first era)


Midway MFG Logo 1958.svg

Bally Midway


Bally midway.png


Midway MFG Logo 1958.svg

The 1958 symbol continued to be used during the Bally Midway era as a secondary logo until the mid-1980s.

Midway Manufacturing (second era)


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Midway Games


Midway Logo.svg

In 2009, Midway Games went bankrupt and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment acquired the former's gaming assets, including Midway's Chicago studio (notable for the Mortal Kombat series), which was later renamed to NetherRealm Studios. More recently, Warner Bros. revived the Midway trademark as Midway Classic Arcade for its licensed arcade toys and merchandise.

Midway Games
Warner Bros. Games
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