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2011–2015; 2017–present (Java Edition) 2011–2015 2013–2021 2016–present (Education Edition) 2019-present (Minecraft Live) 2021–present (primary) 2021–present (secondary)
2011–2015; 2017–present (Java Edition) 2011–2015 2013–2021 2016–present (Education Edition) 2019-present (Minecraft Live) 2021–present (primary) 2021–present (secondary)


2011–2015; 2017–present (Java Edition)


Following the full release of Minecraft at MineCon on November 18, 2011, Mojang started to use officially the logo from Beta 1.8 as the main logo of the franchise (although it actually first appeared on Beta 1.4, but with a slightly different design that was changed later). Despite it got discontinued in 2015 it can be still seen in Java Edition's logo.



Minecraft (alternate).svg

An improved redesign of the logo was first seen in the official website around 2011, before the full release of the game. It would later be used in tandem with logo above until 2015, mostly in merchandise and other type of media. It was also used in the Pocket (before v0.7.1) and Xbox 360 Editions.


Minecraft logo.svg

The modified version of the previous logo with a gradient added, originally first appeared in a promotional logo of the Java Edition Adventure Update (Beta 1.8.1). However, it wouldn't be used officially until the release of the Playstation 3 Edition and other consoles versions of the game between 2013 and 2014.

After Microsoft bought Mojang in 2014, this logo became the main logo of the franchise since 2015. This logo has been used for the Bedrock Edition until the 1.17.30 update.

2016–present (Education Edition)

Minecraft (2016).svg

This polished version is only used in the Education Edition.

2019-present (Minecraft Live)

Minecraft 2019.svg

Another polished version, with a lighter shade of gray, was first seen in the logo of Minecraft Live and Minecraft Festival.

2021–present (primary)

Minecraft logo 2.svg

An updated design was first seen in a promotional logo of the Caves and Cliffs update (JE 1.18), (BE 1.18.0). Changes included that the gradient was inverted, the lettering was made squarer and it seems that the rifts were made more symmetrical. This new logo debuted in Bedrock Edition 1.17.30 (including its betas), replacing the 2013 logo.

2021–present (secondary)


On August 31, 2021 one of Mojang's workers Ined officially announced on his twitter account[1] that this logo would begin to be used for the franchise while the detailed one will be still be used for the game itself (until it gets replaced with the one below). This change took effect on Minecraft's official website. The logo itself looks similar to the 2019 Minecraft Live logo but with minor changes like the outline is thicker, the reflections in the letters were removed and the creeper face in the "A" was slightly altered.

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