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Minecraft Pocket Edition



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The logo was changed in version 0.7.1.



Alternate logo, only used in the App icon and website until 2017.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

2017–present (International); 2017 (China)


When the version 1.2 was released, the Pocket Edition was renamed "Bedrock Edition" to separate it from the "Java Edition". This version is referred to as simply 'Minecraft' in-game.

In July 2017, Microsoft Studios deals with NetEase Games, a Chinese games developer owned by NetEase, Inc., for the Minecraft release in China. The International version of Minecraft discontinued in China in late July 2017.

2017–present (China)

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After discontinuing of the International Version of Minecraft in China, NetEase Games released the Chinese version based on Bedrock Edition for both Windows, iOS and Android in July 2017, and they also introduced the Chinese Version logo.

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