Minecraft Pocket Edition



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This logo style used for the first versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition, the initial name of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, would be used for the initial versions of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition as well.


Pocket Edition Ingame.png

The logo was changed in version 0.7.1, replacing the "Pocket Edition" text font with the one used on Minecraft PlayStation 3 Edition.



Alternate logo, only used in the App icon and website until 2017.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

2017–2021 (International); 2017 (China)

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When version 1.2.0 titled the "Better Together Update" was released, "Minecraft: Pocket Edition", along with "Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition", "Minecraft: Gear VR Edition", and "Minecraft: Fire TV Edition" were all renamed to simply "Minecraft" due to them all having cross-platform play support with each other. "Minecraft: Xbox One Edition" was replaced with this version at the same time, with "Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition" and "Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition" getting the same treatment at a later time.

In July, 2017, Microsoft Studios deals with NetEase Games, a Chinese games developer owned by NetEase, Inc., for the Minecraft release in China. The International version of Minecraft was discontinued in China in late July, 2017.

2017–present (China)

Minecraft Chinese Version Logo.jpg
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After discontinuing of the International Version of Minecraft in China, NetEase Games released the Chinese version based on Bedrock Edition for both Windows, iOS and Android in July 2017, and they also introduced the Chinese Version logo.


Minecraft logo 2.svg

The new Minecraft logo in version 1.17.30.


MCBE official logo 2022.png

This logo first appeared in a official Minecraft tweet[1] advertising Minecraft Preview, where, according to release manager Josh Mulanax[2], the banner of said division of Bedrock Edition was supposed to be used instead. It was later reused in another tweet confirming the existence of Spectator Mode[3].

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