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2009 (pre-classic) 2009 (LWJGL default logo) 2009 2009–2010 (Indev–Alpha 1.0 2010–2011 (Alpha 1.0.4–Beta 1 2011 (Beta 1.4–Beta 1.7
2009 (pre-classic) 2009 (LWJGL default logo) 2009 2009–2010 (Indev–Alpha 1.0.3) 2010–2011 (Alpha 1.0.4–Beta 1.3) 2011 (Beta 1.4–Beta 1.7.3)
2011–2017 (Beta 1.8–1 2017–2020 (1.12.2–1 2019–2021 2020–2023 (1.16–1.19 2021–present (launcher); 2023–present (in-game)  
2011–2017 (Beta 1.8–1.12) 2017–2020 (1.12.2–1.15) 2019–2021 2020–2023 (1.16–1.19.4) 2021–present (launcher); 2023–present (in-game)

Minecraft Java Edition (formerly Minecraft) is a sandbox construction game created by Markus "Notch" Persson, is the original version of Minecraft developed by Mojang Studios for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Notch began developing the game on May 10, 2009, officially releasing it on November 18, 2011, at MineCon 2011. Subsequent updates have since been released, with additions such as new gameplay mechanics, new mobs, and biomes.

On September 15, 2014 Microsoft bought Mojang for US$2.5 billion, acquiring the rights of Minecraft. In 2017, the game received the subtitle Java Edition to separate it from the Bedrock Edition (which was later renamed to simply as "Minecraft" by the Better Together Update).

Cave Game[]

2009 (pre-launched)[]

Logopedia InfoWhite NO KNOWN LOGO

When Notch began the development of the Java Edition between May 10 and 13, 2009, he hadn't yet decided on a name for the game, so it was simply referred under the codename of Cave game tech test or just Cave Game.[1] No logo ever existed for this phase of development (known as Pre-Classic).

Minecraft: Order of the Stone[]

2009 (LWJGL default logo)[]


A day later, Notch decided to name the game as Minecraft: Order of the Stone (a reference to the web comic Order of the Stick), but it was simplified to just Minecraft prior to the Classic phase on May 17, 2009.[1]

A logo for this title never existed either, however the default Lightweight Java Game Library icon would display on a couple of the earliest launcher versions available whenever you would open the game.




Minecraft 2009

Minecraft's first logo was originally showcased only at Notch's personal blog The Word of Notch on May 17, 2009. It was designed as the word "MINECRAFT" begin formed with cobblestone blocks.[2]

2009–2010 (Indev–Alpha 1.0.3)[]

Minecraft Indev 2009

An updated version of the previous logo was first seen on the official website on May 22, 2009 and it would later be used in-game when the phase of Indev (v0.31) started on December 23. Changes include that the logo was made brighter and a shadow was added to it. It could only be seen at the menu screen against a wall made of dirt. It was later used in Infdev and early Alpha versions.[2]

2010–2011 (Alpha 1.0.4–Beta 1.3)[]

Minecraft Java Edition 2 2010

In Alpha 1.0.4, the texture of the blocks were changed from cobblestone to stone. An animation was also added where the stone blocks would fall to the wall forming the word "Minecraft" (this feature along with the logo was removed in Beta 1.4).[2]


2011 (Beta 1.4–Beta 1.7.3)[]

Java Edition 7

Mojang unveiled Minecraft's most well known logo in Beta 1.4, the previous design was replaced with a hand drawn stone-like lettering, in which the iconic face of the "Creeper" was added to the "A".[2]

2011–2017 (Beta 1.8–1.12)[]


The logo was slightly retouched in Beta 1.8, some of the reflections of the letters were a bit decreased.[2] This is the design that would later be used for the full release of the game (v1.0.0) on November 18, 2011 and also seen in merchandise and other media.[1]

Minecraft Java Edition[]


2017–2020 (1.12.2–1.15)[]


In 2017, the PC version of Minecraft was renamed as the Java Edition to separate it from Bedrock Edition, which was renamed to just Minecraft by the Better Together update.[3] This logo was introduced in version 1.12.2 and while most versions of Minecraft uses the main design that was established since 2015, Java Edition kept using the original with the addition of the "Java Edition" subtitle.[2]

2020–2023 (1.16–1.19.4)[]

Java Edition 9

The logo was modified in version 1.16, the gray tone of the letters was made lighter and thick outline was added around them.[2]


Minecraft Java Edition

Could be seen in the Minecraft Launcher and the official website.

2021–present (launcher); 2023–present (in-game)[]


First seen in a GitHub page featuring Minecraft.net assets.[4] Was later officially used in the Minecraft Launcher once the Caves and Cliffs - Part II (1.18) update released. In 2023, it began to be used as the in-game logo as well, with the release of the most recent snapshot of version 1.20.[2]