2019–2021, 2019–present (in-game)[]

Minecraft Realms Plus Logo 2019

Realms Plus were first announced on September 28, 2019, during MINECON Live 2019. Exclusive to Bedrock Edition, it's a subscription-based service, much like Java Edition Realms, in which players can create 10-player private servers from either their own world or a catalog of content from the Marketplace. It was officially released on December 3, replacing the original 10-player Realms, while remaining the 2-player version intact. This logo is still used in Bedrock Edition, in the Realms Plus section of the Marketplace.


Minecraft Realms Plus September-November 2021

On September 7th 2021, an article was published, with this look being present in the header image. It was the same as the previous logo, only the then-new Minecraft core brand logo replaced the old one. However, in the November 2nd article, it was reverted to the older logo, then the December 7th one replaced it with a newer, proper logo.

2021–present (non-game)[]

Realms 2nd iteration

This logo does not appear in-game, however, it is used in the monthly catalog announcement articles in the Minecraft website, as of December 2021.