1997–2009, 2014–2016


This was the first logo under the name Monster Jam, though note it was started in 1992 as "Monster Wars" (which is why 2017 is the 25th anniversary of Monster Jam even though it was started to be called that in 1997).

Though this logo is not the primary logo currently, you will still see the logo if you're at a Monster Jam event if you look carefully for a metal border and metal letters on the logo.


Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam Logo

This Logo was used when Advanced Auto Parts were a sponsor for Monster Jam. Though after Advanced Auto Parts stopped sponsoring, the logo was reverted back to the previous one until the new 2016 logo was introduced.


Monster Jam New Logo

This is the most present logo for Monster Jam, the metal border was replaced with a yellow one, along with white letters and a more simpler logo that's more pleasing to the eyes.

Monster Jam 25th Annversary Logo

Another logo is used for the 25th anniversary of Monster Jam (mainly also counting the time they were Monster Wars from 1992-1997 (just like the Hartford Wolf Pack celebrating 20 years even though they were the Connecticut Whale (not to be confused with the nhl team the Hartford Whalers) from October 2010 - 2013 and also not taking account the previous names the team had before becoming the Wolf Pack).

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