284px-Title monsterpiece

The first regular opening sequence had the title on a blue background, with a Union Jack flag as the P in "Monsterpiece", with the camera zooming out on the flag to reveal the title. Most of these skits with this opening had Alistair Cookie with a pipe and then usually eating it at the end. A handful of sketches that originally featured this opening ("Upstairs, Downstairs", "Chariots of Fur", "The King and I") also ended with a shot of the title card.

Around Season 20, the library that Alistair Cookie was in was changed, and the pipe was dropped.



In Season 24, this opening was replaced with a longer opening, which panned around a room, showing pictures and books referencing past and then-current segments. The opening theme music was also re-recorded to sound more full and orchestral, though using the same tune, and was also presented in its entirety with Cookie Monster eating cookies (lines taken from a sketch involving eating cookies of various shapes). The name of the skit was also spelled as "Monsterpiece Theatre" in this intro.



In Season 27, another new opening was produced with the title sliding in front of a computer-animated green curtain.

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