1996 (unveiling)[]

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Mother 3 was originally unveiled in 1996 for the 64DD.


1997-1999 (pre-release)[]

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By 1998, development moved to the Nintendo 64 due to the 64DD's delays.

1999 (SpaceWorld '99)[]

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In 2000, Shigesati Itoi revealed that the game had been cancelled by Nintendo.


Mother 3 Logo

A television spot for the Mother 1+2 compilation for the Game Boy Advance (released in 2003) revealed that after demand from fans, the game was uncancelled to be redone for the system.[1][2] The game finally saw release in 2006, only in Japan. Mother 3 is the final game in the Mother/EarthBound trilogy, and still hasn't been slated for a western release like Mother and Mother 2. This is despite Mother 3 being released on the Japanese Nintendo eShop as a Virtual Console title. The game was later released on the Japanese Nintendo Switch Online virtual console in 2024.

Nintendo's reluctance to release the game internationally is likely because of the game's unusually dark tone for a Nintendo title. Despite this, the game has a cult following in the west through an unofficial fanmade translation of the original game and main character Lucas being a rostered fighter in Super Smash Bros. since 2008.