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Муз-ТВ 1 Muz TV (Russia) (2000) Latest (27) Latest (28) 640 (9) 20140804121310
1996–2000 2000–2002 2002–2003 2003–2005 2005–2006 2006
Latest (29) Latest (30) Latest (31) Latest (32) Муз-ТВ 9 Муз-ТВ (2010-2011)
2006–2007 2007 2007–2008 2008 2008–2010 2010–2011
Муз-ТВ (2011) Муз-ТВ (2011-2013) Муз-ТВ 10 Муз-ТВ (31.12.2014) Муз-ТВ 11 Муз-ТВ 12
2011 2011–2012 (TV), 2011–2013 (online) 2013–2015 2014–2015 2015–2018 2018–present


Муз-ТВ 1

Launched on 1 July 1996 this was the first logo to be seen. The letters were showing on all directions besides the middle down, the middle left and the middle right. The logo without the wave would cover the corners of the screen.


Muz TV (Russia) (2000)
On 14 February 2000 the wave was kept without the letters (on-screen bug), and thus the wave was split into 3.


Latest (27)

A different type of the logo was introduced on 9 September 2002 to retain the previous logo but the on-screen bug changed its colour to white. Plus, a red dot was added.


Latest (28)

A short overhaul of the 2002 logo was redone on 7 September 2003. The previous on-screen bug was dropped and the "TV" (Russian spelling "TB") was added in a red dot.



640 (9)

The type of the logo was changed by the Start of September 2005. The 5 stars were placed at the bottom and thus they represent each Russian letter.



In August 2006 a short overhaul on the 2005 logo was redone but it continued while a couple of things changed. The outlining for the text was included and nothing was inside it. The stars became a bit smaller.



Latest (29)

A new logo was later introduced in September. This time the letters, which spell "MY3" out, were changed into a "jelly" style.


Latest (30)

In March 2007, a short overhaul on the 2006 logo was redone. The "TB" was removed, and the logo became 2D.


Latest (31)

Again in September, a short overhaul on the 2006 logo was redone. The letters are shaped like a ball.


Latest (32)

In March 2008 the previous logo was formed into a sphere. It holds the 3 letters together.



Муз-ТВ 9

By September, Muz-TV introduced a completely different logo type. The equalizer is 7 columns long and it resembles the M without the bottom holes.



Муз-ТВ (2010-2011)

A complete overhaul of the logo was made in February 2010: the equalizer was shortened to only 5 bars. The colours, however, are fine so the font was edged up and the U didn't have a hinge.


Муз-ТВ 2011

In January 2011 the logo's line was changed into a thick variant and the text at the bottom became grey. This logo was short-lived.

2011–2012 (TV), 2011–2013 (online)

Муз-ТВ (2011-2013)

Muz TV became Yu in 2012, and now it is 100% entertainment and no longer broadcasts music videos, Muz TV remained only online.


Муз-ТВ 10

On 9 September 2013 Muz-TV's logo reverted to the 2011 variant, but the text was black instead of grey and the spheres became dots again.


Муз-ТВ (31.12.2014)

This logo was used during New Year's Eve 2014-15. At the bottom, the text lost its gradient so it became lighter and the dots became spheres again.


Муз-ТВ 11

On 17 February 2015 a big change occurred on this logo: the font was changed again like both logos used between 2008 and 2010, also the U has a hinge. The dots were made smaller and had more space between others. The colours pink and yellow changed their places.


Муз-ТВ 12

On September 8, 2018, Muz-TV unveiled a new logo.

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