Outdoor Life Network


Outdoor Life Network 90s

Outdoor Life Network was launched in 1995 by Cox Communications and Times Mirror as a television channel about the outdoor activities.


OLN logo 2000


Outdorr Life Network 2003


OLN logo 2005

At the start of the Tour de France in July 2005, Outdoor Life Network launched a new logo which puts emphasis on its initials, OLN, and downplaying the original meaning of those letters.[1][2] The network had expanded away from its focus on fishing and hunting programming with more sports.



Versus logo

In September 2006, OLN was renamed Versus.[3] A few months after the previous rebrand, it had been announced that OLN would be showing matches from the NHL, and the renaming was another attempt to reposition it as a sports network.

NBC Sports Network


NBC Sports Network

On January 28, 2011, Comcast bought media comglomerate NBCUniversal from General Electric and merged most of its media operations with it. This particularly affected NBC's and Comcast's sports networks. Therefore, in order to compete with the likes of ESPN and CBS Sports Network, and to reflect the NBC ownership, on January 2, 2012, Versus rebranded as NBC Sports Network.



23 nbcsn

On August 17, 2013, NBC Sports Network gradually began identifying itself by its initials, NBCSN. The rebrand was completed by the 2014 Winter Olympics, as planned.

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