in 2005 NBC started broadcasting the NHL on their network also broadcasting in on OLN in 05-06 and on versus 06-12 now NBCSN and broadcasted on CNBC during the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds of the playoffs. The conference final and cup final would be broadcasted on regular NBC and Versus until 2012 when NBCSN was introduced during the 2012 Winter Classic between the NY Rangers and Philadelphia on January,2nd,2012. also Comcast in 2011 purchased NBCUNIVERSAL therefore buying NBC and versus. so in late 2011 NBC announced during their versus NHL telecasts that versus was becoming NBC Sports Network (now called NBCSN as of 2013-14). Also, coverage on NBC and Versus/NBCSN are sponsored by companies such as Dodge (2006-2009), Verizon (2005-2011), and Discover 2011-present


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