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New Jersey Public Television



The New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority and NJTV became New Jersey Public Television on April 5, 1971 with the 1st TV Station is WNJT-TV Channel 52 in Trenton. On October 23, 1972, WNJS-TV Channel 23 in Camden & Atlantic City became the 2nd Station, and on June 2, 1973, WNJM-TV Channel 50 in Montclair & Newark & WNJB-TV Channel 58 in New Brunswick & The Amboys are both the 3rd & 4th & Last TV Stations to complete the full statewide network.

New Jersey Network


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NJPTV was/is established as New Jersey Network (NJN) in 1981.


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The full name remains, but it's shortened to NJN. In 1994 WNJM-TV Channel 50 change the callsign into WNJN-TV to match the state network's initials.



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The NJN television stations were/are all sold to a consortium led by New York City-based/Newark-licensed WNET (the former NJN radio stations were given to two Stations, the Northern half became part of the WNYC Operated New Jersey Public Radio, while the Southern half became WHYY satellite stations) and it's rebranded as NJTV on July 1, 2011. At That Point, NJTV is Matched to The State Network's 1st TV Station in 1971 is WNJT-TV PBS 52. It's logo is kinda similar to the one used by ITV2.



In 2017, the PBS Logo was added to the logo, for the first time in its 46 year existence.

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