NOS Journaal is the flagship newscast of NPO, the public broadcasting organisation of the Netherlands. It is produced by NOS, one of the constituent broadcasters of NPO. Along with its commercial competitors, RTL Nieuws on RTL 4 and Hart van Nederland on SBS 6, it is one of the most-watched newscasts in the country.



History of NOS Journaal intros

NTS Journaal


NTS Journaal.png


NTS Journaal 1958.png


NTS Journaal 1965.png
NTS Journaal 1965 einde.png

NOS Journaal


NTS Journaal 1969.png
NOS Journaal 1969 einde.png


NOS Journaal 1975 frame.png
NOS Journaal 1973.png


NOS Journaal 1975 frame.png
NOS Journaal 1975.png
NOS Journaal Einde 1975.png


NOS Journaal 1980.png
NOS Journaal Einde 1980.png


NOS Journaal 1985.png
NOS Journaal Einde 1985.png


NOS 7 uur Journaal 1987.png
NOS 8 uur Journaal 1987.png
NOS Journaal 1987.png


NOS Journaal 1988.png


NOS Journaal 1995.png


NOS Journaal 2001.png


NOS Tien Uur Journaal 2002.png



On 17 December 2005, the NOS received a new logo for the first time since 1968 after undergoing a major restructuring. All its newscasts received a new title sequence, graphics package and theme music that day, with NOS Journaal being the flagship. These were designed by Lambie-Nairn, with the theme music composed by Stephen Emmer. The classic Frutiger font was the on-screen typeface.

The main graphics element was the red ring in the NOS logo that served as “the hub of 360-degree reportage”, according to Lambie-Nairn.

Outro Transparent (2005–2012)
NOS Journaal 2005.jpg
NOS Journaal Ident 2005 by Lambie-Nairn
NOS - Leaderoverzicht oude vormgeving


NOS Journaal.png

After six-and-a-half years, NOS Journaal and its fellow newscasts introduced the current graphics package and theme music on 27 May 2012, featuring an updated version of the red ring from 2005, along with the popular Effra font. Designed by the Amsterdam-based CapeRock agency, with the music theme by Cablejuice, these graphics have been unchanged for eight years since then.

All the sequences begin or end with the three-beep NOS audio logo (chords: C F C).

NOS Rebrand 2012 - Leaders and graphics
NOS Journaal 20-NOS Journaal Intro-Outro 2017 (HD)
NOS Journaal 12-Intro-Outro 2017

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