NPO Plus (first era)


NPO Logo Plus RGB.svg

The NPO started with an experiment back in 2013 to see if people would use a paid experience from the NPO. The NPO officialy launched NPO Plus in 2014 with special programs you could only watch on the paid service.

NPO Start Plus


NPO Plus - 2017.svg

In 2017, the NPO renamed their streaming service from Uitzending Gemist to NPO Start. With this, they also renamed NPO Plus to NPO Start Plus to make it more inline with the main service.

NPO Plus (second era)


NPO Plus - 2019.svg

In March 2019, the NPO announced that they would be renaming NPO Start Plus back to simply NPO Plus. This change was to distinguish from the free NPO Start. With this rename, they also made a new logo that is more inline with all their other logos