NPS: No puede ser was an american juvenile telenovela, created by Vladimir Pérez and produced by Venevisión, in co-production with Boomerang Latin America. This series was a spin-off of Somos tú y yo, continuation of Sheryl Sánchez and Rosmeri Rivas, after finishing the series.

2010-2011 (Boomerang), 2011 (Venevisión, Frisbee), 2014-2018 (Atómico)

Logo de la serie ¡No puede ser!

In 2010, NPS: No puede ser was launched on November 8, 2010 as Boomerang and of July 22/September 26, 2011 as Venevisión and Frisbee, with the letters "NPS" in white with pink and yellow fillings with flowers, and Sheryl Rubio and Rosmeri Marval in the top of NPS. Reused in 2014 as of your Atómico variations.

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