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1933–1970 1970–1999 1999–present
1933–1970 1970–1999 1999–present

Norsk Rikskringkasting, abbreviated as NRK, is the national public broadcaster of Norway. It operates three television channels (plus a service for the hearing-impaired) and several radio stations.

NRK has used the same logo since 1970, with only a minor change in 1999.


NRK logo 1933.png
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In 1999, NRK officially launched a new corporate logo which builds on the equity of its predecessor; the only changes are the rounding of some corners. This was to coincide with NRK interaktiv’s relaunch as NRK.no, but NRK’s television and radio channels did not change from the 1970 logo until 2000.

As such, NRK’s logo is one of the most recognisable in Norway, having been used for nearly five decades on end.

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