Ntv7 logo 1998
NTV7 1998


Ntv7 logo 2000 clear
Ntv7 logo 2000
Ntv7 Second


Ntv7 Third

This logo stopped its usage in 2006, due to it being similar to a few American ABC stations that uses the Circle 7 logo and the ABC logo next to it.


Ntv7 fourth

The word "ntv" in the purple circle was dropped, and the colour of the circle was changed to purple.


Ntv7 Five

2012-2015 (Chinese drama only)

Logocina ntv7

The red version of the logo was used while promoting Chinese dramas produced by NTV7. In 2015 the red logo was dropped.


Logo of newNTV7

The logo first appeared during Media Prima TV Screenings 2018 on 18 January. The "ntv" word appears in the logo for the first time since 2006, and this logo no longer uses Circle 7. The change of the logo occured during the late-night broadcast of CJ WOW Shop on 5 March. When the logo appears during February, this logo appears mainly in teasers and programme trailers for programs that planned broadcast on or after 5 March.


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