This article is about the chilean cultural public TV channel operated by TVN. For its former secondary channel (currently Mega), see Canal 9 TVN Señal 2. For other uses, see NTV.
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2020 (pre-launch) 2020–2021 2021–present
2020 (pre-launch) 2020–2021 2021–present

NTV (formerly known as TV Educa Chile) is an educational TV channel operated by Televisión Nacional de Chile. It was created in March 2020 during the emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic, and initially distributed by every main TV channel through digital television, as well by cable TV companies. In March 2021, it was officially established as the secondary channel of TVN.


2020 (pre-launch)

Designer:  Andrés Landaeta[1]
Typography:  Tabardo
Launched:  Unknown

Before the official announcement for the channel, TVIn was the name intended for the network, even ads showing the placeholder name were uploaded on social networks by some TV channels (later deleted). Both names (this and the definitive one) are registered in the Chilean Intellectual Property office.

TV Educa Chile


Tveduca 3.svg
Designer:  Andrés Landaeta[2]
Typography:  Tabardo
Launched:  April 27th, 2021

As the final name TV Educa Chile (sometimes referred as TV Educa) was revealed, a placeholder logo was used as screen bug during the first hours after the test transmission on 14 April 2020. As the channel launched, the official logo was revealed with the same style of the original TVIn logo. Originally, TV Educa Chile was available at the ".2" channels available from La Red, TV+, TVN, Chilevisión and Canal 13.

On March 17, 2021, it was announced the channel to become definitively the second public channel to TVN, starting from April 1st. This also meant that TV Educa Chile became exclusive to TVN's own ".2" channels in their own concessions, allowing other channels like 13.2 to pass their full programming correctly. A new name would be adopted later the same year, which ended up being announced on July 29th.



Designer:  Contenedor
Feels (on-air)
Typography:  Custom wordmark
Giulia (on-air graphics)
Launched:  August 8th, 2021

On July 29, 2021, TVN announced the channel will be renamed as NTV on August 8, Children's Day in Chile. The logo rearranges the letters of the main station, with the n slightly redesigned to resemble Giulia, the font used in the on-air graphics. The most common variant shows the "n" red, the "T" blue and the "V" yellow. This officially debuted that day at 10:30 AM via a 30 minute special program shown in all of TVN's channels, with a loop of the channel's characteristics showing up for hours before the official launch on the ".2" concessions[3]. This act is usually named as a replacement (NTV replaced TV Educa Chile) due to the different structures of each era/channel.


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