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National Book Store Old

This logo featured the white and red stripe on a background and used on all of its stores. The word "National" is in cursive writing while the word "Book Store" is in capital letters. It has a slogan "THE TOTAL BOOKSTORE" and "where the only thing less is the price." All of the books that were published from them until 1996 have the list of branches and stores of it, on the left side of it shows that National Book Store is member of PAPI (Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc.) and on the lower right side is the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) without the barcode.




In 1996, they brought significant changes to National Book Store. The family decided to change the company logo and commissioned a Singapore design company to execute the new company identity. A more modern script was used, and what was once a striped background became a solid and bolder color red. This has brought a change in the store layout as well. Color-coded signs and logical merchandise displays provide a different atmosphere in the branches. On some of its books, the logo uses white background.


National Book Store 2016 logo
The logo is the same as the 1996 logo but the word "Book Store" is again capitalized but in different font. The word "BOOK" is aligned underneath the O instead of A like the previous logo, and the red background was removed.
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