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Nebraska Public Media (previously known as Nebraska Educational Telecommunications, or NET in shorthand) is the network of PBS- and NPR-affiliated stations for the U.S. state of Nebraska.



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The TV flagship of what would become Nebraska Public Media is KUON-TV in Lincoln, which commenced broadcasting on November 1, 1954. A statewide network would be assembled in the 1960s under the control of the Nebraska Educational Television Commission.

Nebraska ETV Network


Nebraska ETV Network logo 1974.svg

By 1974, the statewide network would adopt the moniker of the Nebraska ETV Network, and would use this abstract, burgundy-colored "N" logo. In October 1975, NBC would unveil a logo that was an exact duplicate of this logo, save for the red-and-blue color scheme of NBC's version. It would prompt Nebraska ETV to sue NBC for trademark infringement in February 1976.

1976 (temporary)

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Nebraska ETV Network logo 1980.svg

Nebraska ETV and NBC would settle their lawsuit out of court, resulting in NBC keeping its new logo (which it would use until 1979) and giving Nebraska ETV over $800,000 in new equipment (including a color mobile unit). As well, NBC would give Nebraska ETV $55,000 to cover the cost of designing and implementing a new logo, the result of which is shown here.


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Nebraska Educational Telecommunications


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In January 2005, Nebraska ETV and Nebraska Public Radio would adopt a unifying NET brand.

Nebraska Public Media


On May 15, 2021, the NET brand was replaced with Nebraska Public Media, reflecting the network's mission of serving Nebraskans through multiple media platforms.

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