Nelonen is one of the most popular entertainment channels in Finland. It is owned by Sanoma Media, which publishes the country's most-circulated daily, the Helsingin Sanomat. Nelonen is the Finnish name for the glyph of the numeral 4, with neljä being the Finnish word for ‘four’.


PTV logo People's Television 4 1988-1989 Nelonen logo 1997 Nelonen logo Nelonen logo 2010 Nelonen 2014 Nelonen logo 2018
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PTV (Paikallistelevisio)


PTV logo

Nelonen was launched as PTV (Paikallistelevisio) in 1990.



People's Television 4 1988-1989

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Nelonen logo 1997


Nelonen logo

A new look, with a simplified logo, was introduced on 27 March 2002.[1]


Nelonen logo 2010
Nelosen logo

Nelonen adopted a new look on 12 April 2010, along with a new slogan, Viihde on hyväksi (Entertainment is good for you).[2][3] The new look was created with the advertising agency 358 and the idents were produced by Pablo Films.[4][5]


Nelonen 2014

The logo, graphics package and idents were introduced in December 2014 and designed by the London-based creative agency Proud Creative. The channel slogan was changed to Katso mistä puhut (See what you are talking about).


Nelonen logo 2018

Inspired by the Northern Lights (Aurora borealis), this set of logo, graphics packaging and idents was designed by Amsterdam-based creative agency CapeRock. They were introduced on 2 October 2018. The slogan Viihde on hyväksi (Entertainment is good for you) from 2010–2014 was reintroduced.