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1866–1868 1868–1938 1938–1966 1966–1984 1984–1995 1995–2015 2015–present
1866–1868 1868–1938 1938–1966 1966–1984 1984–1995 1995–2015 2015–present

Nestlé S.A. is a Swiss multinational food and drink company headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland, founded by Henri Nestlé in 1866.


Nestlé 1866

This logo depicts the original Nestlé family coat of arms.


Nestlé 1868

Henri Nestlé used his family's coat of arms as inspiration for the logo (Nestlé = little nest in German) to protect his "Milk Food" ("Farine Lactée"/"Kindermehl") from imitators. The logo consists of a nest with three young birds in it and a mother bird beside them. A three-leaf clover is present behind one of the young birds. If you look closely, you can see the worm inside the mother bird's beak.


Nestlé 1938

The text "NESTLÉ" is added over the design, which itself is redrawn.


Nestlé 1966

The text is in a different font, and the design has become even more simplified.



Nestlé 1988

In 1984, the design was redrawn again, and the text was moved to the bottom, now reading "Nestlé" in a custom font (similar to Helvetica). It makes it more apparent that the end of the 'N' is extending to the right which is blocked off by the 'tl', creating the acute accent above the second 'e'. Also, the logo design is reduced to two young birds with the worm from the mother bird's beak removed, and subsidiaries are given standardized names in combination with "Nestlé".


Nestlé 1995 (Stacked)

In 1995, the logo was simplified once again. The outlines were removed from the wordmark, with the angles softened and lines thickened, while the image became less detailed and more solid. Also, the four product categories: milk product, ice cream, confectionery and baby milk are each given specific Nestlé lettering.


Nestlé 2015 (Stacked)

In 2015, an even simpler logo design which makes it conveniently displayed on personal digital devices such as smartphones was launched. The lines of the bird design became bolder, and also a couple of minor changes were introduced to the sketch itself. Also, the logo was much less detailed than the 1995 emblem. In commercials, the logo is shown on the bottom right via peel effect and sometimes it had a voiceover say From Nestle. The later version had animations where a mama bird fly towards the nest when their baby birds see their mama.

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