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1973–1987 1987–2001 2001–present 2011–present
1973–1987 1987–2001 2001–present 2011–present

New Line Cinema is an American film production company. It was founded in 1967, and later became an independent film studio. It did not have an on-screen logo until 1973.


New Line Cinema 1973.svg



New Line Cinema 1987.svg


New Line Cinema.svg

The logo design and letters were changed in 2001 following Time Warner's purchase by AOL.


New Line Cinema 2011.svg

In 2008, Time Warner reorganized New Line Cinema so it went from being an independent studio to a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Entertainment. Three years later, the logo scheme was changed from blue to yellow, and is now shown together with the Warner Bros. Pictures logo to reflect the new organization.


Due to the fact that New Line started out as independent before becoming a subordinate to Warner Bros., it has always maintained copyright of its films to the point of having a "presents" or "presentation" credit, without mentioning WB.

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