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The '90s Are All That


The 90's Are All That

The '90s Are All That aired for the first time on TeenNick as a 4-hour block on July 25, 2011. During its run, it had several schedule changes. On February 4, 2013, it premiered in the UK and Ireland.

The Splat



On September 11, 2015, The '90s Are All That's Facebook page announced the launch of an upcoming television block called The Splat. The block would have sole focus on classic Nickelodeon programming. Before its launch, its slogan was "#TheSplatIsComing". The Splat replaced The '90s Are All That since Nickelodeon wanted to also focus on early 2000s shows and not just strictly 1990s shows. It launched with a logo based on Nickelodeon's classic 1984 "splat" logo.

On September 24, Nickelodeon confirmed that the block would premiere on October 5 on TeenNick. The block airs from 10:00p–6:00a ET.

In November 2016, The Splat website was launched in UK and Ireland, and the block later premiered on Nicktoons (UK and Ireland) on January 9, 2017.



NickSplat 2017

On May 1, 2017, The Splat was renamed as NickSplat, to better market the block as a Nickelodeon property. A month later in June, the UK version followed suit with the new name.



On March 18, 2019, NickSplat was renamed as NickRewind with new graphics and bumpers, reviving this name for the first time since 2006. The original Nick Rewind block ran on Nickelodeon on Sundays from 1-2 PM ET during the summer of 2006, and was later the name for a selection of limited on-demand content relating to Nickelodeon’s classic programming.